Wear Your (Jesus) Colors

January is the time of year that people begin coming to church wearing a variety of shirts, jerseys and jackets representing their favorite football teams.

Packer green.

Seahawks blue.

Chiefs Red.

And, as teams go deeper into the playoffs, the more people seem to come to church in their NFL garb.

Of course, Super Bowl Sunday is when all of this reaches an apex. On “Super” Sunday, the energy is palpable. Maybe even a bit competitive! At this point in the season, its down to the final two teams. Pretty much everyone has picked a side of who they would like to win.

I think all of this is pretty fun. Why not get behind your favorite team and make known to all your gridiron allegiance?

Allegiance. That’s a word that I wonder if we use enough as Christians.

Think about it: through the scriptures and the Spirit, we are called to manifest an abiding loyalty to Jesus. We are called to joyfully praise Him, consistently obey Him and faithfully serve Him. All in all, our loyalty is not to be divided or diminished.

When a person chooses a favorite football team, its near impossible to talk them out of their strong feelings of devotion. Whether their team wins or loses, they don’t bail out and jump on the bandwagon of another team.

In the same way, we ought to show Jesus an even greater degree of undying fidelity. Yet, divided loyalties can prove to be a huge hurdle for some Christians. All I can say is that we are called to go all in for Jesus.

So how do we display our Jesus colors?

By loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength,

By loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.

By doing what Jesus tells us to do.

By acting as light to a world that stumbles in the darkness.

By serving as salt to a world that suffers from sin-induced decay.

When we live like this, we let the world know where are loyalties lie.

Here’s my challenge. Live in such a way that your allegiance to Jesus is unquestionable.

Wear your colors.

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