No discipline, No growth

The followers of Jesus are people known as disciples.

And the name disciple is drawn from the word word discipline.

Meaning, disciples are known for their discipline.

Essentially, the idea is this: a disciple conforms his or her life to the example and teaching of Jesus.

Which typically  means some non-Jesus stuff has to go in order to make room for the Jesus stuff.

Simply put, a disciple is one who knows what type of behavior Jesus desires, and applies his mind and energy into becoming such a person.

Such a life does not just happen. It is attained over time by investing in practices that draw us closer to Jesus, which in turn transform us from the inside out.

Time in prayer. Time in the Word. Time reflecting. Time serving. Time worshiping.

Belief creates believers.

Discipline produces disciples.

If we expect to grow, we will have to make the effort to do so.