Everyday Evangelism: Intro

I will proclaim the name of the LORD. Oh, praise the greatness of our God! Deuteronomy 32:3 (NIV)

Some people feel really comfortable being involved in evangelism.

But, my experience tells me many people find evangelism landing somewhere between challenging to excruciating.

For these, evangelism seems like an activity best left to the pulpit professionals, or those specifically endowed with the spiritual gift of evangelism.

Yet the Bible doesn’t limit evangelism to a few gifted individuals. No, evangelism is an activity meant for every believer to pursue.

So, what do we do with the gap that often exists between the Bible’s commands and our willingness to share Jesus with others?

We close it.

For that to happen, I believe we have to cross two bridges.

One is the bridge of motivation. How do we go from dreading evangelistic involvement to the place of actually being excited about it?

The second bridge is the bridge of skill. It could be said that, to some degree, effective evangelism is an art. An art to be mastered! We just have to learn how to sharpen our skills.

Think about it: if we possess the motivation to share Jesus, coupled with the ability to more effectively communicate the Gospel, I imagine that the task of evangelism won’t appear so daunting, but will be much more interesting and inviting.

Over the next few weeks of blogging, I’ll work through the six “M’s” of evangelism:

  • The Mandate
  • The Motivation
  • The Mover
  • The Model
  • The Method
  • The Message

My goal is simple: that this template, designed for the implementation of more courageous, effective evangelism, will turn hearts away from being plagued by fear and timidity, and replace such feelings with boldness, excitement and anticipation.

Up next: The MANDATE of evangelism.





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