“Do I Feel Like Going to Church Today?”

Going to church regularly is the biblical norm for the person wanting to mature as a believer. This doesn’t mean if we miss a Sunday, we’ve sinned. The issue is how well we are orienting ourselves for growth.

Going to church isn’t about getting perfect attendance, and church isn’t meant to be something we are forced to go to, but a place we want to go to.

Sometimes, I believe, we make our church-going too much of an option. We wake up on Sunday and ask ourselves, “Do I feel like going to church today?” That is a recipe for an inconsistent church life. Such a perspective ruled my teenage years, and my lack of Christian growth was undeniable evidence of my immature attitude toward church attendance and involvment.

Instead, we ought to pre-determine to go to church – not out of legalism or obligation – but because we know it is a major component of our spiritual development.

See, when church is equal to the great variety of options set before us, we will have a hard time prioritizing it. And thus, we will have a hard time building a healthy habit.

So, rather than asking ourselves if we feel like going to church, it would be better to have a mindset that asks, “What is keeping from getting to church today?” The truth is, the answers to that question should comprise of a very short list.

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